Head of Sport

Steve McGuinness


+44 (0)7887 704 902

Steve McGuinness is a former professional football player who entered the insurance industry in the mid 80’s. In the early 1990s, he recognised the opportunity to combine his professional sports background with insurance and began specialising in providing insurance solutions for sports clubs, associations, and individuals.

Steve heads up URP’s Sport Division, where he utilises his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the UK sports market. His involvement in the sports insurance industry for over three decades has made him a valuable asset to URP. He is part of a select group of people who not only possess expertise in insurance but also genuinely care about the sports industry and its associated risks. Steve’s passion for sports and his understanding of the unique challenges faced by sports clubs and associations enable him to tailor insurance solutions that effectively address their specific needs.

By combining his knowledge of the insurance sector with his understanding of the sports industry, Steve significantly contributes to URP’s capabilities in serving the sports sector from grass roots to the professional side. His expertise ensures that URP can provide comprehensive and tailored insurance coverage to sports organisations and individuals, helping them mitigate risks and protect their assets.